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Craig in re-animated

Craig in Re-Animated.

Craig Wheeler is Robin's brother and Jimmy's Best Friend. In Reanimated, he is played by Micah Karns. In Out Of Jimmy's Head however, he is played by Jon Kent Ethridge II.

Appearance Edit

In Reanimated, Craig has medium length black hair and wears a white T-Shirt underneath a blue, white, and red striped button shirt and jeans. He also appears to be from Asian descent due to his eye shape and skin color. In Out of Jimmy's Head, he has a large black Afro and he wears a red shirt with a faded logo on it. He appears to be from African American descent.

Personality Edit

Craig has been shown to be extremely energetic but also full of himself at the same time. Like nearly all the students at school, he takes advantage of his best friend Jimmy on a daily basis. He seems to be focused on being part of the popular crowd. Because of this, he is always coming up with ludicrous plans to become popular and attract girls as well. Craig is also extremely excitable and impulsive and due to this fact he doesn't seem to consider the consequences of his actions. For example, in Reanimated, when Jimmy and Craig are in Gollyworld, Craig tells the popular kids that Jimmy will hold their stuff for them. As a result, Jimmy ends up missing out on most of the rides.

Trivia Edit

  • He likes Yancy.
  • In the movie, Reanimated, it is established that Craig is of Japanese descent, with his last name being "Yoshida" and having his grandparents speak Japanese. However, in Out of Jimmy's Head, while its known that he's African American, we don't get anything more specific attributed to his heritage.

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