tHiS sHoW sToLe A nAmE fRoM jImMy NeUtRoN

Gollyworld is a theme park based on the popular cartoon characters created by Milt Appleday.


In Re-Animated, all of the seventh grade students attending Greater Burbank Junior High go to a field trip to Gollyworld. While a Gollyworld employee explains the history of the theme park to the children, Jimmy is dared to go and find Milt's brain. Out of peer pressure, he does this and finds Sonny searching for it as well. Sonny begins to chase him and Jimmy soon runs away and gets hit by the theme park's train. This causes severe injury to his head and he gets a brain transplant, his brain being exchanged for Milt's. Jimmy is later made president of Appleday Studios due to having Milt's brain. 


And it's somehow similar to Disneyland.

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