Out of Jimmy's Head is a live-action/animation TV series that premiered on September 14, 2007. It was Cartoon Network's second live-action/animated television series. It is based on the live-action/animated telefilm Re-Animated that aired on December 8, 2006. The show was the only show on the network to be affected by the 2007 Writers Guild of America strike. The series made its Canadian premiere on Teletoon on Saturday September 6, 2008. It also aired on Boomerang in Australia. The US run of the show ended with the airing of the show's final episode on May 29, 2008.

Plot Edit

The series takes place after the events of Re-Animated. After receiving a brain transplant from a celebrated cartoonist following an accident, a young boy named Jimmy finds himself inexplicably capable of seeing and communicating with the famed animated characters created by the cartoonist, resulting in a variety of odd predicaments or situations at the hands of Jimmy's interactions with these hallucinations. However, he also must handle the deceased cartoonist's conspiring and scheming son, Sonny Appleday, with intentions of murdering Jimmy and obtaining his father's brain so he may gain notoriety as a cartoonist, and take over the world.

Production Edit

Cartoon Network ordered 20 episodes, which were filmed from May to September 2007. In airing the show, Cartoon Network split the series into two seasons. The first season of the show premiered in September 2007 and lasted 13 episodes. The channel later aired the remaining seven episodes as the second season, starting in March 2008, one week after the airing of episode 13, which was considered part of the first season.

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List of Out Of Jimmy's Head Episodes

Trivia Edit

  • Skate Night, the eighth episode in the series, was the first episode to include a laugh track.
  • It was Cartoon Network's second live-action/animated television series, with the first being Space Ghost Coast to Coast, which ran from 1994 to 2004.
  • When compared to Re-Animated, there are some differences in the casting. For example, Craig and Robin were played by Asian actors in Re-Animated. In Out Of Jimmy's Head, they have have been replaced by African-American actors. While Golly is played by Paul Rubens in Re-Animated, he is played by Carlos Alazraqui in Out of Jimmy's Head.
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