Pickles and Prickles
Gender: Males
Species: Pickle and Porcupine
Eye color: Template:Color
First appearance: "Re-Animated"
Episode count: 20
Voiced by: N/A
Prickles and Pickles are two mute cartoons that Jimmy sees.


Prickles Is A Circle-Like Porcepine with Gloves And Black Shoes While Pickles Is A Pickle With Gloves And Black Limbs

Personality Edit

Prickles and Pickles are two mute characters who have completely different personalities: Pickles is a nice, energetic, and psychotically hyperactive Pickled cucumber. Prickles is a gloomy and careless deadpan porcupine who never smiled through the whole film. They are a duo that starred in their own series of Appleday cartoons. When they come in contact with each other, they attempt to beat and clobber the other up using classic cartoon weaponry, such as anvils or hammers, which is their main activity, on screen and off.


Trivia Edit

  • They are a parody of Tom and Jerry, which is odd, as they are Hannah Barbera properties, not Disney.
  • They appear in the CN end bumper for Out Of Jimmy’s Head, hitting each other with mallets.
  • They have apparently known each other all their lives, and have some sort of friendship.
  • They have the least screen time of all the toons.
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