Re-Animated 2 is an upcoming American Live-action/animation film directed by Bruce Hurwit. The film is set to be released in 2018.


After the events of Re-Animated, Jimmy is still famous despite his decline of the role as president of Appleday Studios. Meanwhile, a writer for an animation magazine in Japan has become interested in Jimmy's story and wants to fly him in for an interview. He asks his boss if he can print the story, to which the boss approves of seeing as how Jimmy is famous in Japan. Once the writer obtains Jimmy's contact information, Jimmy and his family are off to Japan. There, Jimmy comes across the Japanese park of Gollyworld, where he encounters new characters such as Ferd The Hedgehog, Kiki The Magic Girl, Tomoko The Tanooki, and The Mow Key Pun Creatures.


Jimmy Roberts - TBA

Ken Roberts - TBA

Yancy Roberts - TBA

Louisa Roberts - TBA

Sonny Appleday - TBA

Golly Gopher - Roger Craig Smith

Dolly Gopher - Kylie Minogue

Crocco - Alec Baldwin

Tux - Tom Kenny

Golly Jr. Gopher - Charles Adler

Ferd the Hedgehog - Roger Craig Smith

Kiki the Magic Girl - Tara Strong

Tomoko the Tanooki - Cree Summer